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software to make work flow

PypeServer is a modern, intuitive, software tool for everyone involved in pipe spool design and fabrication.


PypeServer lets CAD designers import pipe designs and spools directly into the PypeServer database. As updates and design changes occur, PypeServer automatically links them to the production part so the current design is always the one that's cut. If a part needs to be re-cut later, PypeServer will let you know if the design changed in the meantime.


Detailers use PypeServer to prepare and finalize jobs for production, including scheduling and prioritizing jobs, adding information to parts, and specifying printable labels for parts. PypeServer provides detailers, estimators, inventory controllers, and planners with key information they need, including job completion times, the amount of pipe required for a job, and torch-on time for consumable planning. 


PypeServer lets machine operators employ their fabrication expertise to adjust cut bevel angles, root-gaps, feed-rates, and hole sizes for Olet fittings.  Machine operators can easily nest queued parts from one or more jobs for the maximum use of single- and double-randoms or even drops. PypeServer automatically logs part completion status (unnested, nested, cut, scrapped), and preserves information such as heat-numbers, cut time, date cut, etc. PypeServer makes job progress visible anywhere on the company LAN.


All PypeServer data is kept in an SQL database and is available for other uses such as reporting, estimating, scheduling, or post-job analysis. PypeServer data is available via Excel, web-based reports, or integration into ERP, OPC, SCADA or other company-wide systems. PypeServer also integrates seamlessly with MSuite's FabPro and GTP's Stratus, and other workflow management software tools.


PypeServer is available for Vernon, HGG, and legacy-Watts pipe profiling machines. PypeServer is easy to learn, easy to use, and it streamlines workflows to dramatically increase productivity at every step.

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Nick Porter, COO: Porter Pipe & Supply

"PypeServer software is FAR superior to what we found with other machines. PypeServer is far more advanced and modern as an application.”

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