Bring the Digital Workflow

to Your Shop Floor

Cut directly from CAD & BIM designs without machine programming

PypeServer connects to a wide range of CAD and BIM tools to make machine programming a thing of the past, saving you time, preventing errors, and boosting productivity.

Thinking of changing your design software? PypeServer will work with both your old and new solutions to ease your transition.

Use PypeServer with every major brand of pipe profiler

PypeServer is standard on every new Vernon MPM and Machitech Pipe Cut profiler, and is available as an option on HGG profilers.


A PypeServer retrofit to your existing machine can add modern features and years of service life for a fraction of the cost of a new machine. When it's time to replace your machine or add a new one, there's no re-training necessary.

Make more accurate cuts for faster fit-ups with less grinding and filling

PypeServer accounts for plasma beam shape, kerf, gas swirl direction, root gap, and the actual measured pipe wall thickness to produce the most accurate cuts possible.


This attention to detail keeps your welders welding, not wasting time and money grinding or filling.



Most customers find that PypeServer pays for itself in well under a year and boosts their bottom line thereafter for the life of the machine.


Machine operators don't waste time duplicating CAD part designs. Machine output is increased and waste decreased by nesting and cutting multiple parts at once. Welders save fit-up time with more accurate cuts. Designers benefit from real-time part production status updates so change orders are less disruptive. Everything stays organized with QR-coded part labels that track inventory and link back to spool sheets. It's the modern way to run a shop.

Use our ROI Calculator to see how much PypeServer can save you:



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