Improve Your Workflow

PypeServer lets you save time, save pipe, and makes your work flow smoothly from CAD to cutting, and through welding, assembly and installation. 

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Import CAD spools into PypeServer

Import pipe spool designs into PypeServer from a variety of CAD systems to reduce errors and eliminate time spent programming at the machine. PypeServer is compatible with Revit, SysQue, GTP Stratus, MSuite FabPro, most AutoDesk products, COMPRESS, Acorn, and other popular CAD systems. PypeServer import formats include STEP files (.stp), .pcf, .ifc, .dstv, .pcd, custom .csv, and other file types. The system tracks part IDs from CAD to PypeServer, so handling change orders is as easy as importing again. What used to take hours of manual programming can now be accomplished with greater accuracy, in minutes.


PypeServer’s Auto-Nesting algorithm selects the best mathematical fit for the pipe being used. Before a part is nested onto the pipe, the machine operator schedules parts from one or more jobs to use for nesting. PypeServer then automatically calculates the best fit to maximize pipe use. The machine operator can manipulate the nesting with both parameter settings and manual changes. The operator can reorder nested parts, replace nested parts, remove low priority parts, change cut paths, and correct already designed and nested parts when needed. 

Filter, Search, Manage

Quickly and easily find needed information in PypeServer’s Database. 

  • Filter by items in any given column

  • Move and hide rows as desired

  • Group by rows

  • Search the entire database by keyword


Label Printing

Create custom labels in PypeServer using the fully integrated NiceLabel Software. Label templates can be assigned to parts for complete traceability through CAD, PypeServer, and out to final assembly.

Remote Seats

Remote Seats allow users to access PypeServer from anywhere on the same company LAN. CAD designers, shop foreman, and machine operators can focus on complex part designs from their office. Estimators, project managers, and detailers can use PypeServer for job estimating and planning, material and consumable requirements, inventory management, job tracking, and post job analysis.

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